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Texture Tutorial Series Ep07 Chair and Table The seventh of the tutorials of the texture design series. Sorry if this video is somewhat disjointed. I was not having a very good day when I recorded this one. You can contact me with questions and comments to be used in this or other series by emailing me at "postmaster(at)". Please remember that I can only produce these shows and continue providing free content to indies if I can pay my own bills. I respectfully request that (if you find any of my work useful or entertaining) to take a look at my commercially released music over at CD Baby: You can request commercial-use, royalty-free music over at the Google+ community at: You can also find out more about the CrowdMeme, fantasy open-world project at: If you are interested in using iClone or any of the packages provided by Reallusion, you can find out more by using the link: Please share links to this video in your own social networks. Kindest regards, Bob.