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With the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, the NYPD and other police agencies around the US are urging the public to download Apple?s iOS 7, which has Activation Lock, a new security measure intended to deter theft. The feature is helpful to police who are often called to help locate stolen phones. Four LinkedIn users have filed a lawsuit accusing the business-oriented social network of accessing their e-mail accounts without permission, harvesting the addresses of their contacts and spamming those people with repeated invitations to join the service. The iPhone 5s lead times are showing October ship dates for all three colors and memory sizes on the nine countries that Apple has web sites that are selling them with the gold model taking up to 4 weeks for delivery. You'll have to be doggedly clever to unlock Mike Linden's new iPhone 5S. Linden was fooling around with the fingerprint sensor and found it dull locking and unlocking it with his own finger, so he decided to find out what would happen if he programmed the front right paw of his pet Chihuahua, Hurley, into the gadget. Much to his surprise, the pawprint did the job.