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Officials from Japan's nuclear authority inspect the giant storage tanks at the Fukushima plant. They say 300 tonnes of radiactive water has leaked from one of these tanks into the ground. Around a million tonnes of water has been stored in 350 tanks to cool the melted reactor cores after the plant was crippled by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. The water is extremely toxic. Inspectors here say Tokyo Electric Power company -- the operator of the plant -- was careless in monitoring the tanks. They criticised TEPCO for failing to keep records of inspections, missing the problems. Since one of the tanks started leaking, radioactive water has been pumped into storage pits above ground. So far enough water to fill more than 130 Olympic swimming pools has been moved and the plant is quickly running out of space. As the sheer scale of the problem becomes apparent, fears of fresh leaks are rising. Some experts say to contain the most to