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In This Stand-Up Comedy, "Erol" Tries to Raise-Awareness amongst Fee-Males, (Who've been Manipulated since the Days of Caesar to be Their-own worst enemy,) to Have A Life Worth Living or They'll pay the Ultimate price .... ie The powers-that-be "want" Children to be Fatherless & All They have to Do is play upon the "ego" of Fee-Males, which ultimately "arrests" Their Emotional-development, which They & Their Children will live to "regret" .... Meanwhile a White "Male" Malignant-Sociopath on-high "cums" at the evil They've done & the laws They've written to bind Fathers & Keep Them from Their Children .... Thus ensuring more "misery" !!!! .... ALL of Erol's Comedy is to Help Cure People of Depression, For Free & to Raise-Awareness about the LUNATIC powers-that-be ....