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What Are Common People !?!? .... The Answer is More Shocking than You Could Realise !!!! .... A Common Person Is A "PSYCHOPATH" !!!! .... ie They're Cave-People Living in the Modern-Age .... However, They want to DRAG Us back to the Caveman Days, to LEVEL the Playing Field .... Thus Nuclear Weapons & Their thirst for Global "Domination" .... The Most Harrowing of All Discoveries about Common People is that The Better "Looking" Ones WEAR "The Mask of Sanity," so Can FOOL People for Longer .... But "behind" that Mask "LIES" a sadistic Serial-killer from Your worst Nightmares .... A.K.A. YOUR World-leaders !!!! .... This Comedy Addresses the "lower functioning" retard & Tries to Make Them STAND UP Against the Walking-Shite Who're "Deliberately" TRYING to Destroy Us All .... eg Think HITLER !!!! .... My Comedy Is Free, to Cheer You Up, If You Like it, Get Your Arse Over to My Web-Site :- ..... & .... Help Me "SAVE The World Ya Bastard !!!!"