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Directed by Roman Gierenz and starring Michael Eklund and Roman Roth More details --> Project Description The idea for the film project „General Pimp“ was born at the beginning of 2012 by the luxembourgish director Romain Gierenz and is separated in several stages. The first stage is the development of the interactive website and a high quality teaser. Its purpose is to draw interest for the feature movie and to arise a community that can choose a part of the content and help create a new way of movie entertainment. Story: The year 2282. Caused by the huge massive sun eruption and the apocalyptic blackout resulting from it, the world is no more than a single junkyard. All the governments broke down; the human race is back to the Stone Age. From day to day bargaining for useful weapons, food, tools and clothes is getting more dangerous. But nobody has any choice. In an old military bunker an army out of over hundred soldiers teamed up to trade with the most precious, existing thing: the women. Their leader: GENERAL PIMP. His strategy is simple but effective: his soldiers fight best when they spend the evenings with the ladies. And the recruits line up for that reason. That´s why the power of the self-proclaimed general, who used to be a common trader, increases from day to day. However when the young trader SONIC wants to prevent his beloved one from getting an object of lust, he accidentally finds out about the plans from the general to conquer the world by the help of prostitution and violence. He just can expect help by searching for RANDAL FARLOWE, who runs the mercenary force „Robber Knights“. Only he can convince the traders, readers and inhabitants of Reader City to fight the general. WAR IS ABOUT TO BEGIN.. There is only one way for SONIC to free his beloved one and the rest of mankind. He has to destroy the belief of the General... for he believes in an unearthed document and the legend of a magic...