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Bollywood 'bad-man', Gulshan Grover, is playing the role of a gay dance teacher in his upcoming film 'Baat Bann Gayi'. According to sources, the actor got totally swayed away in one of the scene, that he landed up kissing one of his male co-star on the set. An insider revealed the whole incident that the shot required Gulshan him to show a step to a male student and also take some liberties with him. However, the bad-man got swayed by his character and ended up kissing the man. Further it is being said that the actor didn't even realized when it actually happened and literally went red with embarrassment. It got worse when Gulshan watched the scene on the monitor, where he was visibly uncomfortable and felt shame. He requested the makers to delete that part as soon as possible, but they just couldn't stop teasing him about it and kept saying that they would preserve it as it looked very natural and real. Well, it was such a happy and 'gay' act Gulshan!