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Study Shows Wearing Food Gloves Not Always Cleaner - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Gloves designed to protect our hands and make food preparation more sanitary may be having the opposite effect. When people are wearing gloves, they feel protected and often handle raw meat and other food items without changing their gloves, making the risk of cross contamination a serious problem. According to a study done in the UK a few years ago, a third of food caterers neglected to wash their hands after using the bathroom. Since gloves trap in moisture, they create a perfect environment for bacteria to replicate.Many gloves are made of latex, which some people are allergic to, or other rubber and plastic materials, which have been known to contain chemicals that are potential carcinogens. Even if gloves are used properly to avoid cross contamination, constantly changing gloves leads to a massive amount of waste that could be avoided if people just properly washed their hands before handling food rather than using gloves. Denise Korniewicz, dean of the college of nursing at University of North Dakota says, “The best way to prevent the transmission of bacteria, virus or other bug(s) is to wash hands thoroughly, adhering to the protocols that we know work.”