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Subscribe: Follow Us On Twitter: Facebook Us: Kinect and Move the future of gaming? I certainly hope not. Recently Jade Raymond, a Ubisoft executive said that controllers are quote "a huge barrier" and that the X-box 720 needs to go beyond the Kinect. Personally, I think putting a heavier focus on Kinect would be a terrible idea. Honestly, when was the last time you really got excited for a kinect game. I thought they might have had something with Steel Battallion, but that game turned out awful. The Kinect couldn't figure out what the player wanted to do and it was a disaster. And Star Wars Kinect was nothing but gimmicks. It might have been fun for 10 minutes or so, but after the novelty wore off the game got boring quick.Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the Kinect has it's uses. There's those dancing games like Just Dance revolution or the danciest central, ok I don't really know much about them, dancing games aren't my thing. But I hear they're good games, and I'm completely fine with companies developing games like this for next gen consoles. However, those dancing games are one of the few instances where using the kinect actually makes sense. What I don't want, is for other games to try to cram in Kinect functionality in where it doesn't belong. Steel Battallion is a perfect example of what can go wrong when you lean to heavily on the Kinect.Now here's the thing, Jade Raymond who originally made the "controllers are a barrier" comment works for Ubisoft, makers of Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell Blacklist, so it worries me a little bit that she's so pro-kinect. For April Fool's Ubisoft released this fake Assassin's Creed Kinerct trailer which was hilarious. But it also made me feel safe that Ubisoft was going to focus on gameplay and not gimmicks and that the idea of Assassin's Creed Kinect was a joke to them. Now I hear this Ubisoft Director saying that...