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or - More Gaga News- SUBSCRIBE! - ClevverMusic Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!Mother Monster debuts second fragrance ad to overshadow her VMA Nomination snub! Hey Little Monsters, welcome back to ClevverMusic. On the same day that the 2012 MTV VMA nominations were announced, without any noms for Gaga, Mother Monster unveiled on Twitter the second fragrance ad for upcoming perfume 'Fame'. The ad follows the first one which included a nude Gaga with little men strategically placed on her body. This ad debuts the Gaga DOMINATRIX TWINS! We see two Monsters facing each other while wearing head-to-toe PVC bodysuits and hats, exactly opposite of the last nude ad. Perhaps Gaga wanted to make up for the lack of clothing in the previous ad! The photo caption posted to by Gaga read "Fame is an illusion. If you really want it, anyone can have it."While Gaga herself has not responded to the VMA nomination snub, her BFF and makeup artist Tara Savelo has. She tweeted "Dear VMA's-Found out what @ladygaga is doing 4the fragrance launch: she's already figured out how2steal ur thunder- don't worry I hate her too."Woah! Tara didn't hold back her feelings about MTV supposedly hating Gaga and not giving her any noms! Tara also alludes in this tweet that Gaga has found a way to steal the VMA's thunder at this year's show! We can't wait to see how this plays out- what do you think Tara means by the tweet?!Leave us a comment and subscribe to ClevverMusic for more VMA and Gaga news, bye friends.