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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!With fairy tale movies being the hot new thing at theaters these days with new adaptations of Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White having various degrees of success and films based on the likes of Jack and the Beanstalk and Peter Pan coming in the next year or so, we have to admit that a movie based on Hansel and Gretel didn't sound all that interesting. Our interest was somewhat piqued when the subtitle "Witch Hunters" was mentioned and the cast included The Avengers and The Bourne Legacy star Jeremy Renner as a grown up Hansel and Prince of Persia's Gemma Arterton as his sister Gretel. The film was set to release this past March, but was pushed to January 2013 to avoid The Hunger Games phenomenon and potentially get a bump from Renner's star power following the release of his two high-profile films. We haven't thought much about the movie since, but reports from those that have seen not one, but two versions of the film has once again got us intrigued.According to comments from those that have seen the film, Paramount is actively screening not only a PG-13 version of the film, but also a "graphic and gory" R-rated version as well. If the reports are true, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters has the potential to be much more than another fun, fairy tale adaptation. The R-rated version is being described as violent and funny with one viewer who saw both cuts of the film much preferring the R-Rated version saying, "Good humor, good action, great fight scenes, awesome dynamic between Renner and Arterton... If they keep it R, it's gonna be great. Silly, but actiony and fun. If it's PG13, it won't be worth it. Let's hope it's an R rating." Another comment even mentioned having to turn away a couple times because the gore in the film was just too "gross".Sounds like this is definitely not your grandmother's Hansel and...