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Security forces are on hand as thousands of supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi approach the U.S. embassy in Cairo. As they pass by the embassy, demonstrators hold up Korans and portraits of Mursi. The outrage comes as Egypt swore in an interim cabinet made up of technocrats and liberals. None of the new ministers were drawn from the two main Islamist factions. The demonstrators are blocked as they head towards Tahrir Square. (SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) PRO MURSI PROTESTER SAYING: "So now they're being tough with us? The police, the army and the thugs standing behind them? Why won't they let us pass? Aren't we Egyptians too? Isn't there supposed to be freedom?" More than a hundred people have died, mostly supporters of Mursi, in violence following his toppling. Fifty-three protesters were killed by the army outside a barracks where Mursi was believed to have been held in clashes on July 8th.