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Today on robot television news: the evil robot army gets a new general, but the introduction doesn't go exactly as planned.Tights and Fights: Ashes Episode 145 - Do Cyborgs Dream of Half-electric-Sheep? - Chapter 3Evil Trojan Borscht is a mysterious super villain working for someone - or something - called SUCKER. He's a very strange person who looks quite a bit like the superhero Captain Euchre, who was missing and presumed captured by SUCKER. Evil Trojan Borscht was an unreliable minion, so SUCKER implanted a split personality, the Quebecois supervillain, Le Gros Chapeau. Le Gros Chapaue led the main force of SUCKER's evil robot army in an invasion of the Animal Kingdoms that are in the Center of the Earth, including Leopardia, the Cat Kingdom that Leopard Woman was from. Leopard Woman returned to Leopardia to lead the Animal Resistance Last we saw Le Gros Chapeau, he was led away by the ninjas in doctor's outfits, seemingly to his death.For more superhero fun. join us on - the world's only social network for superheroes!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow Evil Trojan Borscht on Twitter: Evil Trojan Borscht on Facebook: out Evil Trojan Borscht's blog: you ever wanted to wear a cape and become a super hero? You might want to think again...Tights and Fights: Ashes is a hilarious video diary and transmedia comedy web series about five super powered lovable losers.Follow us on Twitter: a fan on Facebook: out our website: 145-ETB-34 Tights and Fights: Ashes