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From evil leader to cyborg-on-the-run, a technically enhanced Evil Trojan Borscht is trying to get out of dodge before his former army can find him. Luckily, he's kept peppy by some much-needed crotch coffee.The Story So Far: Evil Trojan Borscht is a deranged super villain who bares a strong resemblance to super hero Captain Euchre, who went missing shortly before Trojy was first heard from. A minion of the very evil SUCKER (but who, or what, is SUCKER?) Trojy proved himself unreliable and so SUCKER implanted the alternate personality Le Gros Chapeau, a Quebecois super villain. Le Gros Chapeau led SUCKER's robot army on the assault on Leopardia, in the Center of the Planet, where he was augmented with cyborg parts by ninja doctors. Due to a driver error, Evil Trojan Borscht managed to re assert control of his body, only to find the robot army programmed to hunt him down and kill him.Join us for all the extra story on super hero social network!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Follow Evil Trojan Borscht on Twitter: Evil Trojan Borscht on Facebook: out Evil Trojan Borscht's blog: you ever wanted to wear a cape and become a super hero? You might want to think again...Tights and Fights: Ashes is a hilarious video diary and transmedia comedy web series about five super powered lovable losers.Follow us on Twitter: a fan on Facebook: out our website: 147-ETB-35 Tights and Fights: Ashes