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Yesterday, while driving around along route 4 in the vicinity of Okugaharachō in Nara-ken, I came across this small rural shinto shrine. In front of the shrine is a small river and there are some sakura trees at the entrance. There is something different about the Komainu (狛犬) that are guarding the shrine. The left one has its claw on a smaller Komainu. Something else that stands out is the stone Lanterns (Tōrō-燈籠). They are made out of rocks it and have an original look. Steep steps lead up to the Haiden (拝殿) and some magnificent large trees surround it. The Temizuya (手水舎) is simple and they use a turtle as fountain head. There are three ladles with a kanji inscription that says “ A gift to the Gods”. Next to the Haiden (拝殿) is the The Kaguraden (神楽殿). It's a very old building and it has a thatched roof, there was still a bit of snow on it. There was none there and the whole place had a serene feeling to it!