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February, 2009, a bitter cold night at Berlin's Alexanderplatz. A cinematic melange of poetic agitprop, shades of Expressionism, and inner-city longing and insomnia. Orchestrated with a soundtrack by Tarwater. “There is no freedom for the enemies of freedom”. Agitprop poetry recited by an actor in a sound studio. Three people wandering Berlin Alexanderplatz at night.Stark black and white imagery in harmonious sequence, shadow and light orchestrated with the sounds of Tarwater. A figure stares out alone from an underground tunnel, looking for... what? A woman smokes alone on a couch, raking a hand through her hair. Looks travel across time but don't meet. Time stands still. “There is no freedom for the enemies of freedom”. Reciting for the take. Der Adler ist fort (The Eagle is gone) 20 years after and the border of the two Berlins is still a land of indecision and in-between. Music and theater, poetry in time and on paper, video clip, experimental film, cool radio, art for art and politics sake. Exact, austere observation floating on the low waves of hypnotic electronics. The new Berlin meets the Berlin of the 1980's and 1920's. New Wave and Punk meet the Expressionism of the Now. Advertising is art and performance is underground. The empty grayness of Berlin, freezing at night.Watch the whole film here: