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Hiding From Girlfriend, Man Found in Garbage Bin - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Love makes us do crazy things.According to Ria Novosti, a man was found stuck inside the garbage chute of an apartment building in the central Russian city of Tyumen.BBC notes when asked how he got there, the man told authorities that he had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend and was trying to hide from her in the chute. After jumping into the metal chute on the eighth floor, the man fell three stories before getting stuck and shouting for help. He was rescued and sustained no major injuries. While this is certainly unusual, there are many cases of people doing strange and sometimes dangerous things for love.A woman in Arizona was released from police custody after falsely reporting that she had been kidnapped, so she could go visit her boyfriend in Mexico. The woman resorted to this extreme measure because she knew her mother wouldn’t allow her to visit her boyfriend. To avoid being caught cheating after spending the night with another woman, a Toronto man contacted his girlfriend to tell her that he had been beaten and abducted. His girlfriend contacted police who quickly got to the bottom of the fabrication and arrested the man.