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Classic Game Room HD reviews THUNDER FORCE AC for Sega Saturn video game console! This arcade version of Thunder Force III has some new content, some borrowed content and an all-new awesome presentation on the Sega Saturn in 1996 (the arcade version was from 1990). Fantastic sound, music and visuals separate the Thunder Force series from other SHMUP style space ship shooters, and this Japanese Sega Saturn shmup shows that to be true. As SHMUPS go this Japanese Saturn shooter is awesome and packs rock solid gameplay with a challenging difficulty level. From the Thunder Force Gold Pack 2, this review shows Thunder Force AC gameplay footage and demonstrates what makes Thunder Force AC so much fun. The Thunder Force Gold Pack 2 is a collection of 2 Thunder Force games, TF AC and Thunder Force 4 (aka Lightening Force for the Genesis, or Thunder Force IV on the Megadrive). TF AC is a side scrolling shoot 'em up horizontal shooter where you fight an enormous array of enemies and difficult end bosses. This version has excellent music that comes through the Saturn crisp and clear and is highly recommended for fans of the Thunder Force series from Technosoft (Tecno Soft), makers of the Thunderforce games! Classic Game Room HD is a Sega Saturn game reviewer reviewing Sega Saturn games and Japanese Import shooters like Thunder Force AC. This Japanese import Sega Saturn game works on an American Sega Saturn with a 4 in 1 Action Replay card. Tecnosoft is fresh! Why just play Thunder Force 3 when you can also play Thunder Force AC (and Thunderforce IV!)