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Classic Game Room HD reviews CIRCUIT_STRIKE.ONE for iPod Touch and iPhone, or just Circuit Strike One without the fancy spelling. Circuit Strike One for iPod is a video game app that has much in common with Geometry Wars Evolved mixed with the hacking scenes in Shirow Masamunes GHOST IN THE SHELL (the 2nd big comic book or the Stand Alone Complex). Use 3 different control schemes like Robotron style controls to pilot a space ship like thingy around the insides of networks, destroying barriers and systems and stuff like that. Watch out for enemies that try to shoot you and shake the iPod to slow down time briefly Circuit Strike 1 has gobs of style and impressive audio and video quality, but lacks in some critical areas. Controls are clumsy and the laser beam that you fire is practicly invisible in the sea of chaos on screen. Circuit Strike will find an enthusiastic audience looking for a challenging and stylish game, but it is not for casual gamers. CGR thinks it would be better suited for PS3 or XBLA download. For those Geometry Wars and Robotron fans seeking more challenge, check out Circuit Strike 1 for iPod. For those looking for pick up and play shooting we recommend Minigore or iDracula.