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By winning the IPL 5 cup, the Kolkata Knight Riders team feels “the monkey is off our back,” team co-owner Shah Rukh Khan told a press conference here on Wednesday.“The boys were feeling the pressure of playing for a team owned by an actor. They have also had to deal with a lot of criticism because of me. We have been playing IPL for five years. There were many controversies. With this victory, I am happy that the youngsters and my kids now feel that the monkey off our back,” the actor told reporters at his residence in Mumbai.He dedicated the cup to West Bengal.Mr. Khan said the tournament saw many young players perform. “We saw a resurgent [Lakshmipathy] Balaji. Manoj Tiwari, who did not get a chance, is playing now. These boys joined us when they were 19 years old. They also have their own identity whether it was [Sarabjit] Ladda or [Jaydev] Unadkat. Now they feel they are part of a team. In India, we are only looking at winning and losing. But, in sports it's about how a team plays. Winning and losing is not important. We had a great team which has gelled together,” Mr. Khan said.Asked if Gautam Gambhir should be the captain of the national team, Mr. Khan said it was for the selectors and experts to decide.“We have played about 40 matches with Gambhir as the leader. He is disciplined and extra strict at times. He believed in taking players in their right form. He kept saying, ‘Let's back each other.' So, you don't get taken in by the fact that only one person has to play,” Mr. Khan said.The team too had faith in their capability to win. “They said they would enter the qualifier round. So I guess somewhere they believed they would win.”Describing his elated state on winning the tournament, he said, “I was standing at a balcony and I believed I could fly. That's how happy I was. I remember the loss to Punjab; I had locked myself in a room. I remember days when Dada did not eat for a day and Chris Gayle cried.”The actor spoke of his dream of opening academies to...