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Do Phool - 1973 Directed By : S. Ramanathan Starring : Ashok Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Anjana, Mahmood, Rama Prabha, Aruna Irani, Jeevan, Chandra Shekhar, Lalita Pawar, Mukri, Babban, Sunder, Dilip Dutt, Mumtaz Ali Sheikh Music Director : R. D. BurmanSynopsis : Mummy called them two `phool', whilst Daddy said they were two fools! Dewan Bahadu Atal Rai believed that both his sons, Pavitra Kumar (alias Puttan) and Charitra Kumar (also known as Chuttan) were nothing better than loafers and ne'er-do-wells. Their mother Malati stubbornly pinned her faith in Chuttan and Puttan and asserted that they were still mere children. Let us find brides for them, and then watch the results! Chuttan was the younger brother. There was a proposal of marriage for him with Shaila, daughter of the lawyer Vardhraj, who was also a practicing Vaid. Puttan accompanied his younger brother, when the latter visited the house of his proposed bride. Both brothers approved of the match. Puttan had already his own plans, and his heart's desire was Poonam' daughter of Inspector Madhusudhan. Unfortunately, the path of love is never smooth, and in desperation both brothers decided to bury themselves alive in a `Prem Samadhi' unless Shaila and Poonam accepted their hands. This public exhibition of their love enraged their father, who took the extreme step and turned them out of his house. Still hoping to win the hearts of their beloved, Chuttan and Puttan hatch a plot. Saying that he had murdered his brother Puttan, Chuttan rushed to Shaila to seek refuge. The poor girl believed his story, and tried to shield him from prying eyes. Meanwhile, Puttan took to a disguise, which led him to a smuggler's den. The criminals discovered him in their midst, and after knocking him unconscious, he was thrown into a convenient lake. Now Puttan really disappeared, and to his brother Chuttan's ill luck a body floated in the lake on which was found Puttan's identification in the shape of his jacket and watch...