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Handcrafted Belts - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. I have a huge belt collection. And I have been making belts for a long time. And again, it is just another extension of my artistry. All the belts, again, are hand made with vegi-tanned Italian leathers. And they are all lined, leather lined on the inside, they have got embellishments of solid brass or solid nickle artwork. These staple designs are all exclusive to my brand, I had them hand-casted and made. So you will not see this work out there. And this is a great belt. This is going to be a little waist belt and you can wear it in the front or you can turn it around in the back. And it has got a little bit of a braided detail connected by two solid brass D-rings. This has been a very popular belt. It is called the Hola waist belt. and again, you can wear it in the front or turn it around and these wide belts have been quite popular. And this one is very beautiful. I have got several new woven designs of belts, and again these are made high up in to the mountains of Jopas Mexico by the Temulan Indians. And this is all hand woven and I have added my own little detail onto the belt and these are fun. Another popular item with us, and I have got so many designs, I did not know which ones to pick out, but I will show you three different ones. These are skinny belts, these are a half an inch and they are great because they look really cute in jeans and they are great around the waist, and they just add a little bit of sparkle to any outfit. Well, belts provide quite a few different functions, one of them is to hold up your pants. Especially since low waisted jeans are so popular these days it is like you have to have a belt to keep your pants on. Anyhow, the wide one and a half or one and three quarter inch waist belts, these have really have a lot of strength and are really comfortable too, which is great, so they are very practical. skinny belts create just great added detail...