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or - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us!Hello everyone and welcome back to Clevver Games, I'm your host Andrea Rene and rumor has it that everyone's favorite Italian Assassin is jumping franchises. Joystiq received an anonymous tip with a screen shot of a what appears to be the upcoming Soulcalibur 5..The beta version shows Ezio Auditore de Firenze of Assassin's Creed as a possible fighter in the game. Ubisoft has not confirmed if Ezio is actually going to be a featured character but clearly it looks like he is. Previously, Kratos from the God of War series made a guest appearance in the series so having another fantasy figher is not out of the question..Soulcalibur 5 is the seventh installment in the series and is set 17 years after Soulcalibur 4. The fighting game features a variety of returning characters along with new additions. The Soul series revolves around a sword that has gained its own soul through years of bloodshed, the Soul Edge, and the blade made to counter it, the Soul Calibur..This series is known for the unique characters with dramatically different fighting styles so I think Ezio would fit right in. He clearly has a lot of flair and those hidden blades are very handy in a fight. Once Namco Bandai or Ubisoft confirms this news I'll bring it to you here on Clevver Games. .But what do you think? Think this is legit? Like the addition of Ezio? Is there a different character you'd like to see? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to subscribe to our channel for all the latest gaming news. I'm Andrea Rene and thanks for watching.