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or - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us!Link to releases: gamers, and welcome back to Clevver Games! I'm your host Andrea Rene and I'm here with the rundown of new releases out this week. Today is Tuesday October 18th, 2011 and that means BATMAN!!.Yes, finally Batman Arkham City is here! Rocksteady's follow-up to Warner Bros Arkham Asylum recently earned the #1 spot on my Top 5 Must Buys of 2011 list and for good reason! The game is AMAZING! The open world style combined with acrobatic combat lay the foundation for a great action game. Throw in a plethora of side quests and challenge maps with the amazing cast of characters from Catwoman to Joker to Riddler to Ivy and more and you've got Game of the Year material. We have lots of Batman coverage coming your way this week so make sure to be on the lookout for our review and lots of gameplay vids..Next up is Ratchet & Clank All 4 One. The loveable heroes are back with four player co-op action from Insomniac Games and Sony. The story takes places after the events of A Crack In Time and follows Ratchet, Clank, Captain Qwark, and Doctor Nefarious. The motley crew is forced to work together to escape a mysterious machine known as the Creature Collector. We'll have coverage of this game out this week as well so look forward to that if you don't feel like fighting crime solo..Also out today is Rocksmith from Ubisoft. Just when everyone thought the guitar playing genre was dead, it was revived by real guitars! Unlike it's Guitar Hero and Rockband counterparts, Rocksmith uses real instruments and is an educational game that teaches new players and season vets alike how to play famous rock tracks from bands like Nirvana, The White Stripes, and the Rolling Stones..Also out this week is the new DLC for Deus Ex Human Revolution called The Missing Link, Pay...