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or - Subscribe! - Follow Us! - Like Us!Over 8 million users tried their hand at Operation Metro and now the stats are in. What's up guys, it's Andrea Rene here for Clevver Games. I'm talking about the Battlefield 3 beta and the crazy statistics that were revealed by EA and DICE..The beta was open to anyone with a PS3, Xbox 360, or PC and boy did the players come out in droves, 8.125 million to be exact which DICE says, "is enough people to fill the entire city of New York." And those people were killers! There were 1.5 billion kills registered during the beta which is equal to half the liters of beer consumed in the world in 2011..But it took you guys 47 billion shots to get those kills so clearly someone needs to work on their aim, yes, myself included. And because the beta featured Rush mode there were also 21 million MCOM stations destroyed and the longest-range head shot by a sniper? 635 meters or for us in the States that is like 7 football fields end to end. That poor guy never saw it coming! .Apparently in some forums players are claiming to have longer ones but I'm going to assume DICE's number was from Operation Metro and not the Caspian Border map. Do you guys have any memorable experiences from the beta? A class you decided you liked the best? Maybe a particular loadout? Were you good at defending or was being on the offense more of your thing? Let me know in a comment below. Battlefield 3 comes out next week you guys! We'll have TONS of coverage here at Clevver Games so make sure to subscribe to not miss any videos. I'm Andrea Rene and thanks for watching.