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EDIT CONTAINS 4:3 MATERIAL She comes from a long line of political conservatives... and now Park Geun-hye is trying to carry that tradition to the Blue House in South Korea's next presidential election. Her father was the late Park Chung-hee, whose authoritarian rule lifted the country out of poverty in the 60's, but did so at the expense of human rights. Her mother was the late Yuk Young-soo, who was remembered for her acts of charity. Both parents were assassinated- her mother infamously shot by a North Korean sympathiser. Its her mothers legacy she wants people to remember her by... and she hopes her outward appearance will help . (SOUNDBITE) (Korean) LEE YOUNG-HO, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL GUARD DURING 1970S AND AUTHOR OF BIOGRAPHY ON LATE FIRST LADY YUK YOUNG-SOO, SAYING: "People admire Park's hairstyle which is same with her mother's. I think she has become like her mother very much." But Park's detractors say hairstyles aren't enough to carry an election. Former human rights lawyer and likely opponent, Moon Jae-in, says electing Park would be a throw-back to her father dictatorship. (SOUNDBITE) (Korean) MOON JAE-IN, PARK'S LIKELY OPPONENT IN THE PRESIDENT ELECTION AND FORMER HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER, SAYING: "When I was living in poverty she was living the life of a princess in the Blue House (presidential palace). When I was fighting against dictatorship, she was at the heart of it." Park has tried and failed twice to get a spot on the ticket-- as memories of her father's strong handed rule were still fresh in the minds of voters. But with a weak economy playing to her favor, this time voters might remember her fathers financial accomplishments rather than his faults.