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A 3-week-old baby girl is now recovering from brain surgery. Surgical glue sealed the infant's brain aneurysm.Sometimes it’s use of the state-of-the-art technology that helps save lives during complex surgeries. In other instances, doctors go for a much simpler fix.A 3-week-old baby girl is now recovering from brain surgery. The procedure took place on June 5th at The University of Kansas Hospital. The infant had encountered a life-threatening bleeding aneurysm in her brain. Although she was thought to be healthy at birth, only days after the hospital discharged her to go home, her demeanor and health suddenly changed. The parents took her to the emergency room and an ultrasound was done, revealing the problem. Medical personnel did not want to open her skull given her tender age, so the lead endovascular neurosurgeon decided to insert a micro-catheter into the baby’s neck. The surgeon placed surgical adhesive, which is similar to superglue, into the catheter, and deposited the compound onto the bleeding area. Basically the glue sealed the aneurysm. The baby is now said to be healthy and the hospital staff believes she will be able to return home next week.