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He didn't want to be Pope. At least that's what he said on Friday ... when Pope Francis answered a light-hearted round of Q and A from children gathered at the Vatican. (SOUNDBITE) (Italian) YOUNG CHILD TERESA SAYING: "Francesco did you want to be pope?" (SOUNDBITE) (Italian) POPE FRANCIS SAYING: "Do you know what it means if someone doesn't love themselves? Someone who wants to be pope doesn't really like themselves. God wouldn't bless that. I did not want to be pope. " And there was another glimpse into the Pontiff's heart. This girl asked why he refused to live in the luxurious papal apartments, choosing instead a simple hotel-like residence. (SOUNDBITE) (Italian) POPE FRANCIS SAYING: "I need to live amongst people. If I lived on my own, a little bit isolated it wouldn't be good for me. You know a professor asked me this question. "Why don't you go and live there?" And I replied "Listen to me professor, for psychiatric reasons."