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Learn 5 ways to make morning workouts easier.Want to burn more fat during your workouts? Studies have shown you can burn 20 percent more fats by simply holding off on breakfast until after your workout. But if it seems harder to workout in the morning, the experts from the Prevention magazine suggest the following:Number 5. Sleep in your work out clothes or go to the gym in your pajamas. People generally decide whether or not they’re going to the gym while dressing. Number 4. After you hit the snooze button start stretching in bed. Focus on the legs, spine and upper body, and hamstrings. Number 3. Set your coffee maker to start brewing at whatever time you need to get up. Studies show the smell alone can make you feel more awake. Number 2. Bargain with yourself by committing to a short 15-minute workout. You’ll get out of bed faster and probably end up exercising longer anyway.Number 1. Water energizes and refreshes so drink a glass as soon as you wake up. Leave it on a bedside table before you sleep so you won’t have to drag yourself out of bed to get it.