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Wealthy neighborhoods have more trees.People often quip that the rich must have money trees in their back yards, but it turns out that at least part of the joke is true. The rich really do have more trees in their neighborhoods. They may not produce cash, but tree density has been shown to be an indicator of wealth. A survey of the treetops in Washington D.C. revealed a noticeable line between the affluent areas and those that are more economically challenged. Environmentalists say the reasons are complicated, but do note that people who own their homes are more likely to plant their grounds than people who rent. They also said homeowners tend to lobby for neighborhood planting along streets and in parks. Earl Eustler of the District’s Urban Forestry Administration confirms this. He said, “There’s a strong relationship between how many dollars you have and how many trees you request to be planted in your neighborhood.” Plus, trees aren’t cheap. A mature one can run anywhere from 300 to 3000 dollars. Even a plain, everyday street tree can cost over 400 bucks. Having it planted is usually extra.