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A Scottish lab traces the origins of redheads.Scientists at ScotlandsDNA, a commercial testing and research lab, believe that all redheads sprung from the same source long, long ago. They’ve also developed a testing option that will allow prospective parents to determine the likelihood of having carrot-topped kids.The DNA testers hope that by showing non red-haired people that they, too, may carry the gene some of the stigma and bullying burdening the world’s redheads will be lifted.Overall, the odds of ending up with natural copper locks are extremely slim. Outside of Europe only .06 percent of the earth’s population have them. The concentration is highest in Scotland, followed by Ireland and then England. It’s a recessive gene and if both parents have it there’s only a 25 percent chance they’ll have a redheaded child. Historically, redheads have had both good times and bad. On the downside, they were tortured as witches in 15th century Germany, burned alive by Egyptians, the seen as vampires in the making by Greeks. On an up note, history is full of many who’ve made a difference including Alexander the Great, Galileo, and Winston Churchill.