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WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE - NSFW "Menace: Phase One - The Birth of Greatness" - This spoof of independent professional wrestling chronicles the exploits of manager Rob Yublind ("rob you blind") as he repackages a prominent Southern star going nowhere named Kid Lightning into the masked Menace. The events and matches in this video also serve as a precursor to the formation of the PWF Mid-South promotion of which Menace was a part. This video takes every opportunity to make fun of Southern professional wrestling, as Menace introduces his "Mult-Continental Super J Light Heavyweight Title" from which he unified light heavyweight titles from around the world during a one week world tour (including Antarctica). Features matches against Kidd Krazzy (later known as Loco), Rising Son (yes, with an "O") and more. Also features match introductions and promos from manager Rob Yublind and Menace himself. Shot & Edited by stuCAM