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A study reveals that clenching fists may give memory a boost.Want to have a better recall rate?A new study carried out by an associate professor at Montclair State University has found that by simply clenching your fists, memories and small details can be more easily recalled. Researchers asked more than 50 right handed study participants to memorize 72 different words. They were assigned at random into varying hand clenching groups and then there was one group that did nothing. The researchers found that participants had a better memory while clenching the right hand for memorizing and balling up the other hand while attempting to recall certain facts. The lead author states “I would say that it would be worth trying. Take parking your car in the parking lot. As you park you can clench your right hand and when you are trying to find it, clench your left hand.” In another experiment, researchers from the University of Northumbria found that the scent of rosemary might actually improve memory function. Research subjects performed better in the room that had a rosemary scent than in rooms with no scent.