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A hospital sweeper accidentally cuts a child's finger off.Recently, a 1-year-old child lost his finger while in a government hospital in Rajasthan, India.In a very bizarre incident, a finger on the baby’s right hand was chopped off when a maintenance sweeper of the ward attempted to remove an intravenous device from the boy’s wrist. Apparently, the sweeper had tried to remove it with his hands but when all attempts were unsuccessful, he grabbed a pair of scissors and accidentally cut the finger off. Even worse, when the worker realized what happened, he reportedly tossed the extremity in the waste basket and it cannot be located. The baby had been hospitalized for a fever and he was slated to be discharged on the day of the tragic occurrence.The worker has been removed from the hospital and an investigation has been launched into the mishap. There are an increasing number of horrific medical mistakes. Last year, a man in England had to have follow-up surgery at East Kent Hospital after the surgeons left their forceps surgical tool inside the patient's body.