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A baggage handler is accused of stealing passengers' belongings.Billions of dollars of baggage passes through airports around the world every year.Recently, a Minneapolis-St. Paul airport employee was arrested after he was caught on tape stealing passengers’ belongings. 23-year-old, David Vang, who worked as a baggage handler allegedly stuffed his own backpack full of goodies on a regular basis. Over the course of 8 months, he accumulated roughly $84,000 in possessions that belonged to airport passengers. Jewelry and watches seemed to be his favorite picks. Vang has been charged with 11 felony counts of theft. A former FBI agent explains the situation stating “You basically can't secure bags because of the sheer volume and the movement of the bags and the handler’s ability to have the bags where no one's watching him at any given time.” Last year, a baggage handler allegedly stole $20,000 in brand new $100 bills. According to reports, $96 million was traveling from Dallas to the Federal Reserve Building in New Jersey. When the cash arrived at the Philadelphia International Airport, authorities realized a good deal of money was missing. After an investigation, 25-year-old airport employee, Alex Price was charged with currency theft