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Trailer: In this episode of “Chronoscope,” Arthur Garfield Hays, general counsel for the Civil Liberties Union, is interviewed concerning his views on McCarthyism’s effects on Americans. He argues that Communism has had time to take root in America, never has, and therefore never will, despite the fears of Senator McCarthy and his followers. He characterized Joseph McCarthy as the most dangerous man in the world because of the hate, suspicion, and fear that he stirs up within the country. Riesel tries to argue with him that Communism is indeed something to be worried about, citing the example of Alger Hiss, and quoting some bizarre numbers, including one about there being 43,000 Stalinists in America. He claims that many labor unions are headed by communists, but Hays swats this argument down easily and calls into question the accuracy of his statistics. Hays laments that general atmosphere of fear that has led, in his view, to Americans becoming “timid” about expressing their beliefs in public, for fear of being seen as an “appeaser” or Soviet-supporter. He states that he will be supporting Truman for the presidency, unless Eisenhower, whom he considers a most staunch supporter of democratic freedoms, decides to run. See the full length video at: