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or - Follow Us!Is iCarly dating a Naked Brother? Keep watching ClevverTV for that story.Hello---I'm Joslyn Davis and today I'm in the studio with a ClevverTV couple alert. iCarly star and all-around Nickelodeon "it-girl," Miranda Cosgrove might be getting up close and personal with Naked Brother band-member Natt Wolff.Now, Miranda and Natt have worked together in the past, and they even shared a kiss when she guest-starred on his show. Now reports are swirling that the on-screen romance has moved into the real world. Miranda openly denied any such love affair last year, but we're not sure if we still believe her. Because, uh hello there are new pictures of Mr. Wolff and Miranda holding hands. Pretty much NO ONE holds hands without some sort of romantic connection, unless of course they're four years old and crossing their mommy. So I think I rest my case.Natt and Miranda are quickly becoming Nick's big power couple. Of course we know tons about Miss M, but not much about Natt. So let's get a quick overview on this talented guy. Natt is a native New Yorker and one of the stars of Nick's show "The Naked Brother's Band." His own real-life bro is also a part of the cast, and crazily enough their mom actually created the show. Natt is a singer, songwriter, composer and actor. In his spare time, he likes to do pretty normal stuff- shoot hoops, write music, and hang out with the family dog E.T. He seems like a good match for Miranda, don't you think?Leave a comment on the teenage power couple that's on the rise. Do you think Zanessa has anything to worry about here? And what would we call them-MIRNAT? OR NANANDA? Give us some suggestions!Thanks for watching ClevverTV's latest couple alert. Stick with us for all the latest in breaking news-I'm Joslyn Davis-see you next time!