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Watch Part One: Andre answers questions about YouTube partners & monetization. SUBSCRIBE! | MAIN CHANNEL: SUBSCRIBE TO BLACK NERD COMEDY: Andre Answers YouTube Questions (Part 2) -- Answers to your questions about YouTube partnership and monetization, now that it is open to everyone. Part 2 talks about spamming videos and channels, how much money you will make off the bat, making R-rated content, when to put ads on videos, copyright content, YouTube failures, interactivity, trial and error, Google Adsense. Andre Answer Your Questions (Part 1): Original YouTube Partners Vlog: How to Start a YouTube Channel How to Be a YouTube Partner How to Not Spam Your Channel or Videos How to Make R-Rated Content on YouTube How to Avoid Copyright Strikes How to Use Google Adsense ASK ME QUESTIONS ON YOUTUBE OR: Twitter -- Facebook -- FormSpring -- Tumblr -- SHOP AT THE BLACK NERD STORE: ANDRE Personal Vlogs, Videos, Events and Q & A - Uncut and Uncensored - from Andre Meadows, the man behind Black Nerd Comedy. TAGS yt:quality=high andre vlog BlackNerd YouTube Partner Partners program monetization questions answers Q&A advice tips how to how-to spam spamming money ads click trueview r-rated content copyright failures mistakes interactivity trial error Google adsense "video blog" AndreMeadows black nerd comedy "Video ...