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Play games - Facebook - http Forums - They recently got a graphic update, so figured I'd give obby maul a try. It's been a while since I last did it, hits surprisingly high :O -Music- Feint - Clockwork Hearts Download: Artist channel: Label channel: -About: Max hits 2012- Max hits are back again with even more damage! I'm gonna try my best to get as many different (decent) weapons done this year as I can. So hopefully you'll get to see the max hits of most half decent weapons. Many melee weapons (and some range) are now hitting over the default maximum hp (990), so requires people with Nex sets to max on. Since I don't want to keep pestering my friends all the time to help out, if anyone has Pernix (or Virtus for some) and would be interested in being maxed on, feel free to pm me on Youtube and I'll let you know if I need any help (you will be credited and win 2 tickets a game). Max hits this year will (mostly) not include the Berserker aura, due to the nature of the stat boost (works like a potion, making the maximum strength boost available for under 1 minute per 5h10m). --------------------------------- You can play RuneScape at ---------------------------------