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Sustainability is an often mentioned topic in discussions about food, agriculture and/or the environment. The definition of sustainability varies slightly from one individual to another as it does for different businesses, organizations and government agencies.

Nick Hamon, Head of Sustainability for Bayer CropScience tells Brownfield “Sustainability with Bayer means finding innovative ways to do more with less.”

A classic definition, according to Hamon, is “Living and doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the abilities of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Bayer CropScience has established 3 pillars of sustainability, addressing the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability. Hamon said in today’s environment global businesses are expected that the business is not just expected to be profitable but to have a social impact.

“Many, many businesses – especially Fortune 500 companies like ourselves – have to report sustainability through something called the Global Reporting Initiative,” said Hamon. “We have to be very transparent about our operations and our intentions from the footprint of our business and what we are going to do about it – how we are going to reduce it – but also what technologies we are going to bring to the market to help make a difference.”

Conversation with Nick Hamon 02292012