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As the delegates of the Illinois Soybean Association meet at Commodity Classic in Nashville to form policy – ISA Chairman Matt Hughes tells Brownfield there are some key issues that rise to the top.

“One of the big issues I think we’ll be discussing here – and there are several meetings going on discussing the sustainability issue and some of the pressures we’re facing there,” Hughes tells Brownfield Ag News, “A lot of those pressures are real and some of them are being brought in by NGOs and other organizations that we’re trying to sort out to make sure that we don’t misstep in that direction.”

Hughes tells Brownfield that while a viable safety net is important to producers, being able to produce in the future is what the Farm Bill needs to be about.

“We can’t be too short-term minded,” says Hughes, “We have to think about the long-term implications of what we ask for and make sure that we don’t drop the ball.  As we look at budget cuts – you know – we have to decide where we’re getting our best returns.”

Trade and transportation, Hughes says, are huge for Illinois Soybean growers. Hughes and his wife grow soybeans and corn near Shirley, Illinois.

AUDIO: Matt Hughes (6:30 min. MP3)

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