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MONA SAMONE T-SHIRTS: MONA SAMONE TWITTER: MONA SAMONE ALBUM: Mona Samone is a character created and played by Wesley Henderson. She came about to be the comedic relief for the online show Adopted Connection. Mona has been compared to Madea, and Sheneneh but it has been proven over the years that she is her own person. "THE GHETTO QUEEN ON THIS YOUTUBE SCENE". As a character on the show she has become a FAN FAVE and people love to hear her thoughts on things concerning the media, like reality shows and musicians. People can not help but laugh at her original sayings and key phrases, and speaks on what ever she wants to at that moment. Mona Samone is a star, and you should follow her path to greatness and laughter. Aconnectiontv - the Network, is a channel of diverse entertainment revolving around the Music/Film industry and the normal lives of the everyday person. We look forward to making you laugh, think, and learn. PLEASE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @ACONNECTIONTV, LIKE THIS VIDEO, AND COMMENT AS WELL. Spread the word Aconnectiontv around to your family and friends. Suggested viewing age 17+.