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How did I miss this when it was released a year ago? Good news for the latecomers though is Niallist has just released his AKA album for free on Soundcloud, and there’s some really choice tracks. Love his Work It update with Julius Seizure ‘Jack Black poster!’, the Like ‘Em Fat which is in a similar vein to 2 Bears – Bear Hug (but released before!) but more gay and sounds better for it and this or ‘Needs’ should be the bear anthem of choice rather than the atrocious likes of Bearforce.

As a fellow man of many aliases I LOL’d at the intro to Hell Yeah…and love the Shostakovich shout. There’s even some Kraftwerk/early electro style action going on here with the likes of Dance Club…and a few famous names pop up as guests – Beth Ditto, Scream Club, Yo Majesty.

Seriously* I’ve known for a long time Niall is a talented mofo and deserves a lot more love out there, it’s free so what are you waiting for?

* I must stop using the word seriously. Srsly.

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