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and in the midst of this YHWH brings JUSTICE to the upside down and backwards satanic realm of earth today…. SOON means next… judgment.  The world will never be the same–that is a clarification of the simple word given.  New Word later regarding Washington DC, WW3, false flag kickoff etc… later.

YHWH will protect HIS lambs.

He loves HIS children.


Here in this pod you get traumas that have come to the surface in more cathartic ways… just could not stop from blurting them out–about the abuse in church, family, and the wanting shooting of lame horses… the persecution for me has been for 50 years… I laugh at the Christians complaining that their persecution began when they accepted Jesus… ha ha ha.  What is this a comedy?

The Meek…the Black Sheep…the LAMBS… you are beloved.  Soon justice will come and you will be joyful once again, the tears will be dried.  Soon means soon.  You will see it.  God YHWH will protect His lambs… you are beloved.  This is the only thing that kept me from suicide that would have made my parents and friends proud.  Yep, that mistake is cleared up, hooray.

Well it all flips now.

I do see future listeners…IT’S A WEIRD GIFT!… and I speak to them, to you.  We do converse.  This is a heavy pod.  IT IS NOT PG rated.  A few f-bombs and such.  Sorry, in the throes of a healing journey… I hold no grudge, I love God so much I forgive everything just to be with HIM…If he is with me no one is against me, not anymore.

It’s heavy man.  HEAVY.

It is the truth absolutely.  I am undone again before you.  I am naked as a jaybird.  Be kind, and look to Him, not me.