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Having just spent 8 days schlepping through Queensland’s theme parks, Timbo decided he’d turn his family holiday in to a tax deduction by making 10 marketing observations. Afterall, what else do you do when you’re lining up for a 70-minutes for a 22 second ride? (And yes, that’s Timbo circled on the left there!). Plus we wonder whether a certain PR opportunity went begging; we debate the pros and cons of an electronic diary versus the good old written version; Timbo presents Lukeee with a little visual gift (on-air!) and we talk about some holiday reading about that powerhouse called Google.

Googled – The End Of The World As We Know It – Great holiday reading with that famous quote “Don’t fuck with the magic!”

Red Bubble – Get lost for a few hours looking for that favorite T (it was Timbo’s Xmas gift to Lukeee)

Moleskine – The best paper journals going around.

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Flying Solo – Check these guys out if you work alone…It’s a great source of all things business for the solopreneur.

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9 observations Timbo made about how the Gold Coast theme parks market themselves and questions you could be asking about your business:

Product is King Q. How could you better treat your product or service?Interesting pricing strategy $99.99 until June 30, 2011 (huge take-up….high perceived value…little repeat take-up) Q. How could you alter your pricing to encourage more transactions but less take up?Q4U makes life easy Q. What can you do to make your customers’ experience hassle free…and charge for it at the same time?They don’t use social media to have an ear to the ground Q. How can you ensure that you know what you’re customers are thinking?Understand your customers’ state of mind Q. What state-of-mind are your customers in when they’re ready to purchase from you? And how can youBring your staff along for the ride Q. What can you do to ensure that everyone who has responsibility for selling your product / service is on the same page?Consistency is Queen Q. What could you do to ensure all your marketing is more consistent?Consider bi-products – Massage, behind-the-scenes Q. What bi-products are you inadvertently creating but not making money from?Consider your opening hours a bit more closely (Wet ‘n Wild) Q. Are your opening hours respectful of your customers’ needs?Don’t screw me – Pizza, photos. AND Don’t charge for piddly little things eg. Remote control boats $2 Q. What could you give away to your customers that would make them love you and not cause you to lose money?

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Timbo’s gift to Lukeee

Transcription of Small Business Big Marketing episode 41