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Play games - Facebook - http Forums - My third and largest attempt so far at getting a dragon full helm from chewed bones. This additional 250 bones, brings my total to around 500+ chewed bones used and 20000+ mith drags killed. -Music- Pathfinder - Stardust Pathfinder - Dance of flames Official website - Facebook - http (spoilers, if anyone cares :P) The actual drop was so long ago that it's kinda lost it's impact for me on this attempt, I've had the chewed bones sat around doing nothing for ages and was kinda hoping to at least get something from them. Not getting a helm from the bones now means that in over 500 chewed bones, I've only gotten a single helmet from them, talk about rare XD I've put the full chewed bone log here in text form for anyone that wants to view or use it. Considering it's quite a large log not many people seem to make, it may be useful some places. Flame in thumbnail credit: digitalart / ------------------------------ You can play Runescape at ------------------------------