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News, an interview with Jammin' Dave Jackson, Crosstalk, mixing tips, we tweak the Stupid Knob and Viewer Mail with a disturbing lava lamp update.

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Jammin' Dave
JacksonCelebrity Interview::
Where do musicians go to trade advice? Why they go to the Musician's Cooler with Jammin' Dave Jackson!

Dave's got his own gear conundrum going on as he contemplates his first DAW. He also has some great ideas on promoting your studio and recording projects with podcasting.

World-class drummer Brian Stephens Will Play Drums On Your Project For Just $75.00 Per Song!

Brian StephensContact Brian Through His Web Site:

Mark Rufino's Links To Affordable Ribbon Mics:

  Ribbon Mic #1

  Ribbon Mic #2

The mixing book Mark referred to:

Mixing With Your Mind

The Stupid Knob:
iPod owners are "thieves", according to Universal Music CEO, Doug Morris.

MacWorld Link

Billboard Link

Viewer Mail:

1) Can you help Zach with foreign power conversion?

2) Dave Criddle On Using Drum Loops


Shane Hendricks: Mac Screensaver

Ed Bradshaw: Touch Screen Video

Ed Kachajian: The diagram from Getting Started in Computer Music by Mark Nelson, a book for recording beginners:

Adam Unser: Tube Warm Up Indicator

Caleb Hawkins: GIANT LAVA LAMP!

Answer To Last Week's Trivia Question:
Q: Where is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame located and when did it open?

A: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, Ohio. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation came together in 1983. Groundbreaking for the building took place on June 7, 1993 and the building opened to the public on September 2, 1995.

Congratulations to Rich Masling, this week's winner of a copy of Guitar and Drum Trainer, courtesy of Ryan Smith over at Although just a bit late, the correct answer was also given by T-Bush and Jim Farley. Good job folks!

See you next week!

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