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My video is on AmazingFilms247! check it out Epic battlefield 3 moment when the caspion border tower comes down and hits the enemy heli in the back! and kills them! perfectThanks for watching. - Quick Joe -------------- Please do not comment bullshit, all bullshit comments will be removed and the profile: blocked. match team death match freeforall gamer mw2 wapons glitches glitch new quick joe mrgamingxglitcher Wasteland Underpass Terminal Sub Base Skidrow Scrapyard Rust Rundown Quarry Karachi Invasion Highrise Favela Estate Derail Afghan Multiplayer Maps order Killstreaks / Kill Streak Rewards Assault Rifles Sub Machine Guns Light Machine Guns Sniper Rifles Riot Shield Machine Pistols Shotguns Handguns Launchers Equipment Special Grenades Weapon Attachments Primary Weapons Perks call of duty cod mw2 modern warfare community gameplay commentary people funny ftw for the win blametruth xcalizorz wingsofredemption hutch seananners pyropuncher joshsyndrome dubblejord operatorperry