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Umberto's of New Hyde Park, LI makes "Giants Delivery" to Indianapolis Police Escort to La Guardia Airport with Piping Hot Pizzas for Big Blue! Scenes of Pizzas Being Baked, Packed, Flown and Arriving in Indianapolis* Friday, February 3, 2012, Long Island NY: One of the New York Giants most tasty traditions - and pre-game rituals - has gone airborne to Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI! Since 2007, Fridays in the Giants locker room have been Umbertos "Pizza Fridays" for Big Blue - a weekly tradition which has worked in the Giants favor. This season, when the Giants did not get their pies - they lost! In keeping with tradition for the Giants' appearance in Super Bowl XLVI, Umberto's chefs feverishly whipped up a truck load of pizza pies which were rushed via police escort to La Guardia Airport and loaded on a Delta flight headed for Indianapolis. Umberto's General Manager Gaetano Corteo made the flight to Indy with the Giants' pies in custom made heat retaining bags. Among the chefs cooking "Giants" pizza was guest executive chef Dino Gatto of Rao's. The pies arrived in Indianapolis in time for lunch! The Legend of Umberto's New York Giants Pizza Fridays Pregame Ritual This hallowed tradition is based on the initial suggestion of legendary pizza loving Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. Every Friday Umberto's delivers pizza for the equipment managers and staff. However players whose lockers were closest to the equipment room started helping themselves! Soon, a custom was ...