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STEAL THIS Megaupload VIDEO. PLEASE Sign the Richard O'Dwyer Petition HERE; See More Evidence of how CNET / CBS caused the Phenomenon of Piracy with the Help of So-Branded Partners such as AOL and the MSN Network UK Student Richard O'Dwyer's Mum's Blog on the Extradition Finght http Jammie Rasset Thomas Story on Wikipedia Richard O'Dwyer Story, Extradition Pact Being MisUsed President Obama filled the USA DEpartment of Justice with RIAA Lawyers For Profit Prisons New York Times, US Prison Popular Dwarfs the rest of the World's Article: For Profit Prisons a GREAT Business Opportunity 86 % of US Prison Population is Victimless Crimes Megauploads Story od Raid and Arrests 130000 Downloaders Sued for Downloading Just One Movie 1. Three "strikes" and you get life in jail. Even for trivial crimes, Leandro Andrade is serving 2 consecutive life sentences for shoplifting 9 video tapes with a value of $153 2a. 1% of Americans are in jail(2.3million) 2b On a per capita bases this equates to twice as many in South Africans, more than 3 times Iran and 6 times China's prison population. 3. No society in history has imprisoned as many people as America. 4. 1 in 30 men aged 20 - 34 in in prison. 5.1 in 9 black males are in prison. 6. There are more 17 year old black males ...